About Us

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Welcome to our site! We are a locally owned and operated company providing the best bulkhead repair Puget Sound services. We are a community-based company and are deeply rooted in this region. For over 30 years, we have been providing quality services to all our clients with waterfronts. We have the reputation of being the bulkhead specialists and we strive to maintain this reputation. When you engage us, we will provide you with the best services and ensure that all your ideas are well incorporated in the final products.

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We have worked with quite a number of commercial and residential waterfront owners in Puget Sound. Through the years, we have acquired the relevant knowledge and a deep understanding of shorelines. This has allowed us to provide unique and comprehensive bulkhead construction and repair services. When you come to use, you can be sure that we will provide you with conceptual solutions, which are specifically designed to protect the shoreline and are beautiful. We are keen on protecting the marine environment and we will never do anything that compromises the natural habitat.

Our main agenda is to always provide timely and professional services. We have the experience, skills and the knowledge to provide our clients with the desired shorelines. We will go out of our way and use our skills and modern technologies to give you the best service. We have the right equipment and our crews are committed to ensuring that your beach remains in a better condition after the bulkhead construction. Our goal is to make the property owner happy once we complete the project. All our services come with a quality workmanship guarantee.

Each shoreline is different and has some unique characteristics that make it special. Our contractors will take advantage of the uniqueness of the site to ensure that the aesthetics are improved and that the waterfront investment is protected, so as to make your shoreline more enjoyable. The construction of a bulkhead is a huge investment and we will make use of the best materials and ensure that you have a durable, strong and visually-appealing construction. Our work is quite extensive and will include bulkhead repair Seattle, replacement of bulkheads, designing and building bulkheads as well as helping with the permitting issues.

We have a great team of contractors that will provide designs that will be approved. Protecting your waterfront is a task that should not be taken lightly. As such, you cannot afford to hire unqualified contractors. We are bulkhead specialists and we will provide with the best solutions that withstand all the natural elements all year round. Our bulkheads look natural and will have a system that promotes habitat growth while protecting your shoreline.

Our team of bulkhead construction and bulkhead repair experts will provide a wide range of services to enhance your waterfront and protect it. Whatever type of marine construction that you may need, contact us and we will be happy to help you out. We look forward to hearing from you and serving you.